A Holiday Message From Our CEO

A Holiday Message From Our CEO

November 23, 2022

Dear Galvan Supporters,

At this time of thanksgiving, we express our gratitude to all of you.

We also acknowledge the reality of the current crypto winter. We have all been dismayed by the collapse of FTX and the poor decisions which led to their demise.

However, we know every industry has people and companies who fall to the entices of greed, pride, gluttony, and other human failures. We appreciate the example of so many trailblazers before us, who have shown that value-driven, mission-centered purposes will eventually succeed.

The Wright brothers are an example we aim to emulate. Prior to their success, many had failed, specifically some who had exponentially more support, resources, and even the backing of the US government. The success of Orville and Wilbur Wright to be the first to truly fly was described by John T. Daniels (Reference - The Wright Brothers, by David McCullough):

It wasn’t luck that made them fly; it was hard work and common sense; they put their whole heart and soul and all their energy into an idea and they had the faith.

We at Galvan are grateful we have this opportunity to put our “whole heart and soul and energy” into using the blockchain to make people healthier. We will not allow the poor decisions of others to dissuade us, nor the challenges of the current economic outlook. We thank those of you who have joined our Galvan community to help accomplish our mission, and we invite everyone who has the desire to make the world a better, healthier place to join us.

Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

Adam Sharp, CEO of Galvan