Charter Vote Results

Charter Vote Results

November 30, 2022

Thank you to all who participated in the vote of the Galvan Charter, which specifies how Galvan Node Owners will exercise governance over the Galvan Blockchain and IZE digital rewards.

The final vote resulted in an overwhelming "yes."

Result Details

The official results were 99.97% YES and 0.03% NO for the Galvan Charter.
This was weighted so Smart Nodes = 1 vote, Lite Nodes = 0.004 vote, and nodes controlled by Galvan or by Galvan executives were limited to no more than 50% of the total votes cast.
92.4% of all possible node licenses voted.
The votes were recorded on the Galvan Layer-3 Immutable Ledger and the results will be directly viewable on the Voting Page in future versions of the dashboard.

What's Next?

The Charter will now be implemented! Final performance and security tests are being done on the Galvan Blockchain and IZE distribution and the official public launch will happen very soon. 🎉

While you wait, check out the new Galvan Litepaper, which has been improved in nearly every aspect and reflects the newly implemented charter.