Vote to Launch the Blockchain

Vote to Launch the Blockchain

November 3, 2022

A HUGE announcement was made yesterday to node owners calling a vote to launch the Galvan Blockchain.

The vote will occur later in November and the results will determine the acceptance of a Distributed Governance Framework (DGF) Charter for the Galvan Blockchain. This Charter specifies how Galvan Node Owners will exercise governance over the blockchain and the IZE digital rewards.

If ratified, the terms of the Charter will be implemented and the Galvan Blockchain will be set to go live shortly after 😁😁😁

The vote will be open to ALL NODE OWNERS, both Smart and Lite. Smart Nodes will have 1 vote and Lite Nodes will have 0.004.

We encourage all to participate in the voting and the historic launch of the Galvan Blockchain.

➡️ Get a node before the vote happens: