OFFER ENDS NOV. 28, 11:59 pm et

Buy a Smart Node, Get an Apple or Google Watch

+ Plus an exclusive Galvan 80's t-shirt!

Smart Node Apple Watch Bundle

Step 1: Buy Smart Node™

Buy a Smart Node™ between Nov. 21 and Nov. 28, 11:59 pm ET to be eligible.

Step 2: Claim your prize

Within 24 hours of your purchase, you will be emailed a prize form.

Step 3: Run your node

Start running your Smart Node™  to earn daily points!

What is a Smart Node™?

A Galvan Smart Node™ allows you to use your at-home computer for an easy version of crypto mining. Smart Node licenses will grant users the ability to connect their computer to the Galvan Blockchain, confirm healthy transactions, vote on proposals, and earn daily IZE rewards.

Smart Node™

100k Max Supply
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    Access to confirm transactions and healthy actions on the Galvan Blockchain
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    Full daily IZE reward distribution
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    Full vote on new proposals
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    One-time purchase
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    Exclusive Discord channel
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    Future NFT drops
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    Contact us for pricing
Note: The Galvan Blockchain is being released soon and some of the features listed above describe activity that will take place once it is live and IZE is being distributed.
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What kind of Apple/Google Watch is it?

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Can I get more than one watch if I buy more Smart Nodes?

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Does running a Galvan Node take a lot of computing power?

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I don't want to spend my ETH. Can I pay with USD instead?

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What age do I need to be for eligibility?

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