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track your
mental health

Galvan is the #1 mental health tracking app, using AI, CBT, and rewards to help you achieve a healthier state of mind.

galvan mental health app

89% of app users

see a significant increase in their mental health awareness.

90% of app users

see an increase in motivation to exercise and improve.

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track stress mood and energy on galvan app

Track Stress, Mood, and Energy

Powered by AI and the intonations of your voice.

Breakthrough technology created by the co-creator of Amazon Alexa.

Gets increasingly accurate the more you use it.


Take Action With CBT

Evidence-based methods to lower stress and improve mood.

Includes focused-breathing, gratitude journaling, and exercise.

Get instant prompts and ideas based on your current conditions.

breathing exercise on galvan app
earning rewards for exercise on galvan app

Earn Rewards For Good Choices

Earn IZE rewards from the blockchain when you make effort to improve.

Exchange IZE for cryptocurrencies.

Spend IZE in the marketplace. Coming Soon


Discover Triggers & Trends

See your improvement over time.

Discover what helps and what doesn't.

Share results with your trusted circle.

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