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The reality is: you don't own your health data. That is why Galvan will be using blockchain technology—putting the data in your hands and making your presence online more private and secure than ever.

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Lack of transparency in the current health system runs rampant. Galvan will challenge this by empowering you with unbiased information and tools so you can make more informed health decisions.

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Healthy decisions should be rewarded. Similar to frequent flyer points, the Galvan blockchain will reward you when you take care of your mind and body, and for running a node that confirms these actions.


Software Nodes

Buy a license, run the node software to confirm transactions, and earn rewards!

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Wellness App

Move-to-Earn just got an upgrade! Earn rewards for exercise and mental wellness.

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Own Your Rewards

Your digital rewards can only be accessed by you and never Galvan—giving you complete control.

Galvan wallet


Works just like it sounds. Use your share link and get bonus rewards when your friends buy nodes.

Galvan Health users


Use your IZE rewards to purchase health and wellness products!

Coming Soon
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Galvan Health user 1
Stu Smith

As an aging athlete that is less and less motivated to get up and offof my couch, I am extremely excited to support and take part in @galvan_health which will not only reward me for exercising consistently, but also for contributing to the network by operating their #Nodes.

Galvan Health user 5
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The chance to make a difference in people's lives while also owning a part of the infrastructure of the company is fascinating to me. Galvan allows the community to get in on the ground floor and contribute to something that could change the way we think about and even value health and wellness. Long live Galvan!

Galvan Health user 4
Holly Cardew
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Not only is Galvan decentralizing the healthcare system, but they also provide incentives to stay healthy! Blockchain technology through Galvan in the healthcare system will be revolutionary!

Galvan Health user 2
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Blockchain is the future of healthcare and Galvan is setting the direction

Galvan Health user 3
Harry Hurst
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I bought my Galvan Smart Nodes because I believe in the power  of blockchain combined with the inherent well-being of living a healthy, active lifestile.

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